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Client:Proctor Financial Inc.
Date:April 18, 2004

Intranet Website Design for Proctor Financial Company in Troy, MI

Proctor Financial Inc. company, based in Troy, MI asked us to design and develop their intranet website. Founded in 1884, Proctor Financial Inc. (PFI) “provides lender-placed hazard insurance products¬†for borrower and bank-owned properties directly through financial institutions or indirectly through property and casualty insurance agents working with these entities.” What we did:

  • Designed website based on sitemap provided by client
  • Developed website using MS SQL and ASP
  • Integrate intranet website with PFI's internal systems, such as HR, help desk (developed by 360 Degrees as well), etc.
  • Ability for PFI staff to update

Status: Website can not be seen outside of PFI’s network.