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QR Code

QRCodeWhile we are mainly a digital media company, we do realize the importance of print (of any shape or form) and try to integrate it into our services that we offer. Have you seen those unusual, cryptic bar codes – like the one here? Those are called QR codes, short for “quick response.” If you’ve rented movies from Redbox you’ve most likely wondered how do they keep track of your information, who rented/returned which movie, etc. It’s done through QR codes, imprinted on each DVD.

What is a QR Code?

QR code is a two dimensional matrix barcode which can store large amount of data (compared to the traditional UPC barcode and can hold any kind of data. While originally created for the automotive industry, it is now being used creatively in other industries as well. With the explosion of smart phone usage and app development, now anyone with a smartphone is able to scan QR codes and be taken to the specified information.

How can I use a QR Code for my Company?

Because QR codes hold a large amount of data, and any type of data, a code like that can be used in many different ways as part of your promotional campaigns. Some people use them on websites to link to certain pages – however, in our opinion, it’s best to use QR codes as a link between print or display into digital marketing. A couple of ideas: you can put a special QR code on your packaging/print and when people scan it:

  • They can be taken to a special web page where they can retrieve a coupon
  • Or their phone can call directly your phone number
  • Other ideas upon request


How can 360 help my organization with QR Codes?

Here’s what 360 Degrees can do for you:

  • Create strategy about best way to use QR code specifically for your business needs
  • Create custom QR codes


Need any more ideas about QR codes? Contact us and you won’t be disappointed.