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Mobile Website Design

Is your website mobile ready? If you already have a website and own a smart phone with internet access, take this test: visit your website on your phone. If you can read your website without having to “pinch and squeeze,” you may already have a mobile optimized website. If not, then 113.9 million mobile internet users (up 17.1% from 2011) will have to “pinch and squeeze” and are not going to be happy. This will results in them leaving your website for a competitor’s one which is optimized for mobile access. Then go ahead and view this website on your internet-enabled mobile device. Do you see the difference?

Advantages of Mobile Websites

A mobile website acts in a similar fashion as a mobile app and is easier to use and view on a mobile device, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet

  • Less graphics than a regular, "desktop" website
  • Faster loading
  • Larger navigation which makes it easier, quicker to find information
  • Larger text for easier reading
  • Ability to call directly from website

Mobile Website Design and Optimization

Whether you already have a desktop website and would like to optimize it for mobile devices or develop a new mobile website, we are your Metro Detroit, Michigan company.

  • Devise mobile strategy
  • Design mobile website
  • Program it so when people view your website from their mobile device, it will automatically display the optimized mobile version.

We will devise a mobile strategy and then design a website which can help you generate more leads. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get your own mobile website.