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Video Marketing

Many small and medium size businesses in Metro Detroit Area, Michigan have not realized yet the power and benefit of video marketing. That is because they (wrongfully) think that because they’re not an entertainment company, video is not something which can help them generate more leads. However, videos can be created for any kind of companies and organizations – and then shared online to generate buzz, create brand awareness and ultimately drive more visitors to your website.

How To Use Videos for Business

Here are some ideas you can use videos for your own organization:

  • Broadcast client video testimonials to enhance your reputation.
  • Compose a creative video presenting your product or service
  • Demonstrate your product in action with movie trailer-style: rapid, creative and attractive
  • Reveal the results of someone using your services
  • Promote your events by using footage of previous events
  • OthersĀ  - to be revealed when you work with us


We can help do all of the above and much more internet video marketing services. Your internet marketing videos do not have to be shot and edited by an expensive Hollywood studio. Many times you don’t need video footage at all because you can create an internet marketing video and keep a lower budget with photos, transition effects, text, animation and music. Such videos can be shared on any online platform, including your website. We do recommend YouTube because it is the #2 search engine, it is customizable and one can optimize videos for SEO, as well as it is easy to embed videos.

Please take a moment to browse to our Portfolio and view videos we have created and you’ll be convinced to contact 360 to create your next internet marketing video success.