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Client:Hope Marriage
Date:February 07, 2013

Website Re-design for Marriage Hope in Rochester

Marriage Hope came to 360 Degrees to redesign their website. A marriage, family and individual therapist based in Rochester, MI, Marriage Hope already had a website designed several years ago but was looking for an update as well as a few new options added to their site as well. We designed a simple logo for them since they didn’t have one already. Based on color theory, our initial thoughts were to use a simple color palette with lighter blues and white – both of these colors signify tranquility – which is what people who are looking for counsel need. Client asked for more colors and texture and we complied.

In addition, we also embedded a video from YouTube into their website, added a dynamic FAQ list as well as a complicated form which potential patients fill out. This Rochester client wanted to be able to have a blog to add articles he writes. Their previous website was built on WordPress (CSM) platform so we used the same one; this way our client wouldn’t have to learn something new. Having their website be found on search engines was very important for this therapist so we applied SEO (Search Engine Optimization) throughout the website.

Slider shows a screenshot of the new website redesign in Rochester as well as the old site. Click to view a larger size.

Marriage Hope old website in Rochesterhope-marriage-webdesign-full